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About Mind Body Counseling

Welcome to Mind Body Counseling, where we focus on treating the entire person— mind, body, and spirit. We provide a holistic approach to the therapeutic process. Mental health and physical wellness go hand in hand, with each one having an impact on the others. 


Traditional therapy (also known as talk therapy) focuses on analyzing the thought process and the day to day stressors that may be surfacing. With a holistic counseling model, we combine talk therapy principals but also integrate the body. The body stores memories, emotions and feelings that impact our central nervous system response; when not properly regulated, our bodies may exhibit intense feelings of anxiety, depression and stress. Sessions will focus on the mind and body connection; teaching breathing exercises, meditation, the importance of gut health, and the significance of nature to the healing process. We teach you how to self-regulate to achieve a feeling of happiness, fulfillment, and calmness.


We specialize in counseling and coaching teens, adults, couples, and families by offering insight and simple solutions to issues you may be experiencing. Our counselors can help you reduce feelings of worry, improve productivity, develop necessary skill sets to be more assertive in personal and professional relationships, and help you find greater self-acceptance.


We prioritize the collaboration between our team and our clients by providing our counselors with smaller caseloads. This allows us to focus on the quality of sessions and devote as much attention as necessary to each individual and their specific needs. Our concierge counseling services offer more flexible and as-needed appointment times to help you as best we can, and when it is convenient for you.

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Both individual and couples counseling sessions focus on resolving problematic behaviors and beliefs in a safe and objective space. We will focus on developing strategies to implement in all aspects of life to create a stable, healthy, and happy future. Learn more about our Individual & Couples Counseling services here!


Life Coaching

Our life coaching services are short-term and solution-focused. We can help identify and clarify attainable goals, while also developing methods to help eliminate problematic behavior and/or obstacles. We offer action-based life coaching sessions in areas for professional growth, relationships, and work/life balance. Learn more about our life coaching services here.


Therapeutic Parent Coaching

Parent coaching sessions are designed to help people understand their own personal experiences growing up and how they affect their present-day parenting style—whether positively or negatively. In alternating sessions with your children, we will assist you in developing the skills necessary to meet the specific needs of your children. Want to learn more about Therapeutic Parent Coaching?

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