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Therapy for Anxiety

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As opposed to what you may hear, anxiety is a completely normal feeling; it is our body’s alert system to potential threats or danger, so it is completely normal—and healthy—to experience feelings of anxiety. However, when our body is acting from a place of perceived threat and danger most of the time (known as the “fight or flight” response), we are left feeling irritable, angry, and full of intense worry and fear. There is no one-size-fits-all cure for anxiety, but we can learn to manage and cope with our anxiety in a more effective way. Unlike traditional talk therapy, where the focus is mainly on the anxiety or stressors experienced in the moment, our trained professionals will help you uncover where your anxiety response originates from, the triggers that bring about more anxiety in our life, and the necessary strategies to manage these symptoms and find inner peace and healing.

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Therapy for Leaders & Professionals

Have you always been at the top of your class? Are you highly-motivated and ambitious? Perhaps on paper, your life is picture-perfect with a gorgeous home shared with a beautiful family. On the inside though, you may be struggling to be everything to everyone. The combination of managing both personal and professional responsibilities likely leave you with feelings of guilt, constantly striving for more, and never feeling satisfied and happy. We can help! We offer therapy for professionals looking to find that true work/life balance. We promise—it really does exist! We will discuss strategies for problem solving, reducing anxiety, increasing your motivation, and finding inner peace while pursuing your dreams. If you’re thinking “this sounds like me…” then you’re probably accustomed to figuring everything out on your own—we’re also here to tell you that you don’t have to do it all yourself. It may seem difficult to reach out for help, but keep in mind that the greatest leaders have had mentors, coaches, and guidance along their journey to greatness. See this opportunity as a launching point for more success and fulfillment in your life. Prioritizing your mental health is the first step toward achieving your personal and professional goals. We understand that life gets busy and the demands of our personal and professional obligations usually end up taking precedence over our mental health; with our concierge counseling service, your counselor is available to you and your needs according to your availability and when you need them most.

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Leaders + Professionals

Therapy for Autism

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Autism can make it difficult to communicate or connect with others at times, creating feelings of loneliness and tendencies to self-isolate. It may be difficult to maintain friendships or relationships, leaving you feeling misunderstood by others around you. Receiving an Autism diagnosis doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. Autism is a form of diversity—not something that needs to be cured. You don’t need to change who you are to feel more secure and confident in your abilities. Our team will work together with you to help you better understand your diagnosis, focus on your strengths, and improve communication skills in your professional and personal life, all while allowing you the ability to be your true, authentic self. Sessions will focus on strategies for communication, self-regulation techniques, grounding exercises and methods for managing overstimulation. Let go of the fear of judgment and the constant need to be like everyone else. Learn to embrace and celebrate your unique gifts! For parents who are unsure of how to navigate their child’s Autism diagnosis, we offer therapeutic parent coaching.

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Therapy for Adolescents

Adolescence is a major point of transition—teens are discovering how to navigate the world in a new way and with newfound independence. While still quite dependent on their parents for guidance and protection, they are thrust into a gray area while trying to navigate this sense of independence. This uncertain time can bring up feelings of confusion, feeling more self-conscious, isolation, and difficulty navigating friendships and relationships—all while experiencing some really unfamiliar hormonal and developmental changes! It’s VERY overwhelming, to say the least. This can show up as anxiety or depression in our children; causing them to be irritable, avoidant, angry—and then to the contrary, happy and smiling within the same moment. Whether your child is struggling with school attendance, completing tasks, and social stressors, or is a perfectionist and an overachiever, they’re riddled with stress! We can help in either situation. Our therapy sessions will focus on allowing your child to have a voice, and speak their opinion in a safe, confidential environment, free of judgment. We strongly feel that every child deserves to be heard. We will explore thoughts, feelings, and perspectives. Sessions will include self-regulation techniques, mindfulness, and methods for developing more self-awareness.  Reaching out for therapy for your child does not mean that you failed as a parent. In fact, it’s quite the opposite—you are affording your child the best chance to develop into a healthy, maturing adult who is aware of the importance of reaching out for help and prioritizing mental health. For additional support as a parent, we offer therapeutic parent coaching.

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