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Individual Counseling New York

In 45-minute sessions, we will focus on understanding the importance of the mind and body connection in the therapeutic process. We will also focus on diagnosis and resolving problematic behaviors and beliefs. We may also discuss relationship issues, feelings, and physical responses that surface as a result. We will spend a significant amount of time discussing and understanding one’s past; looking at it and discussing it introspectively, and analyzing it with the hope of resolving past issues while simultaneously developing strategies to create a stable, happy, and healthy future starting with oneself. Learn more about our individual specialties below:

Therapy for Anxiety

Therapy for Leaders + Professionals

Therapy for Autism

Therapy for Adolescents

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Individual Counseling

Couples Counseling New York

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Our couples counseling sessions focus on improving communication skills while strengthening a healthy partnership, in order to allow the romantic relationship to heal and flourish. Our sessions focus on exploring the relationship dynamic and creating an objective, safe space in which to navigate the feelings and perspectives of both parties. We will work on conflict resolution, restoring trust where needed, and developing strategies to help clarify feelings about your partner and your relationship. Sessions will help allow both parties to work towards developing healthy strategies to deepen connection and intimacy with their partner.

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Couples Counseling
Young Mom

Therapeutic Parent Coaching New York

Our therapeutic parent coaching sessions are designed to help people understand their own personal experiences growing up and how they affect their present-day parenting style—whether positively or negatively. Everyone’s parenting style is different due to their own personal history. In these sessions, our goal is for parents to gain a better understanding of themselves, which in turn, impacts their parenting methods. In alternating sessions with your children, we will assist you in developing the skills necessary to meet their specific needs, and how to modify your own parenting techniques to ensure you’re raising an emotionally healthy child.

Baking Together
Thrapeutic Parent Coaching

Life Coaching New York

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Our life coaching services are short-term and solution-focused. We can help identify and clarify attainable goals, while also developing methods to help eliminate problematic behavior and/or obstacles. We offer action-based life coaching sessions in areas for professional growth, relationships, and work/life balance.

What is the difference between psychotherapy and life coach sessions? Psychotherapy is a long term process focused on addressing past trauma and issues while working towards developing healthy coping strategies for present life stressors. Our life coaches focus on the “now” as the starting point for more action-focused goal setting. Life coaching is designed to help ambitious achievers meet outcomes now that will bring them long term success and fulfillment. 

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Life Coaching
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